I’ve rounded up all the things I personally have/use/love for myself and that make great gifts for others all found at Utica Square.  What’s great about everything I’ve picked out here is that they are things found locally in store that you can just run in and pick up and not worry about ordering online/ shipping problems.  Some things you may have already seen me share on my instagram stories but make sure to continue watching my stories because I have even more to share there as well!

Lets get started…


I found this at The Dolphin and it smells AMAZING! I use it on my bed sheets and towels.  Patrick has even commented and noticed the difference in how good it smelt.  For real just makes things seem so much more luxurious! Would make the perfect gift for your mom or mother in law.  They carry it in different sizes too.  Would be cute to get the little bottle size to include in gift bags or stockings.


I always stock up on Anthropologie candles this time of year so I can have them on hand for quick hostess gifts or all the gift exchange parties!  They have the best smell in my opinion and the look is so pretty for any home.


Ya’ll know how much I love a good baseball cap #momlife ! Any girl would open this gift and instantly get excited.  It’s the basic hat that completes any girl on the go look.  I found this one at The Snow Goose and they had them in multiple color options too.  Would also make a great gift for someone away at college or who has moved away but wants to rock their home town Tulsa.


This is another favorite thing you all have heard me rave about on my instagram stories.  I love how quick and easy this key ring is to just grab go and carry on your wrist so you don’t have something extra in your hands.. especially when I’m carrying Tristan around too. (Ends up making a good toy for him also 😅)  I found this one at Pavilion which had lots of fun prints in the key ring.  I love that they had different ones and not just the basic solid colors.  Would make a great gift for any Mom or teenager who’s always loosing her keys!


Another favorite thing I found at Pavilion is these gold hoops.  This style of hoop that is a tad thicker I’ve seen to be very on trend this season.  Pavilion carried them in a few price ranges from inexpensive to higher end.  Love this for any fashionista gal or also make a great Secret Santa gift.


Another favorite (obsession) I have this season is all the sherpa things!  I officially own way too many sherpa pullovers but this one by far is my favorite because of the huge collar on it.  I love the way it looks and keeps me so cozy in warm in this yucky cold rainy weather.  I found this one at Madewell in Utica Square and it also came in a pretty lavender color.  They’re currently having 25% off until Monday 12/17.


My all time favorite clothing item especially being a mom is a good sweater coat.  You could be in your pjs/ workout clothes and throw on a sweater coat over your outfit that something about it just makes you look a little more “put together” so you can walk into your Childs school without being embarrassed that you feel like a hot mess! 🤣 Madewell in Utica Square always has the best selection of sweater coats.  It’s like their specialty.. I bought a black one last year (See that look here!) and it last forever and looks great over everything! Don’t miss out this weekend getting one for 25% off in store.


Basically anything sherpa / teddy bear material is my FAVORITE so when I came across this Teddy Bear Robe at Pottery Barn in Utica Square.  I kid you not it is THE ULTIMATE SOFTEST THING I have ever felt.  The perfect gift for a mom/mother in law/ sister/ sister in law/ best friend/ gal pal/ gift yourself! (Pretty sure this isn’t available online and they had a great selection in store). It was on sale too and pretty sure it was under $50.


This adorable red plaid PJ set I found at Muse Intimates in Utica Square.  As I get older Pajama sets are one of my favorite things.  (Maybe because I spend more time at home now.) But this is always one of my favorite gifts to give/get!  Muse had such a great selection of Christmas PJ sets and Robes from Ugg and PJ Salvage.


This  is the ULTIMATE GUY GIFT! I found this YETI cooler at Gearhead Outfitters in Utica Square and Patrick loves it! It’s totally one of my favorites too and love having it to easily throw it in the car if were going to the lake, a pool party or any outdoor gathering.. we actually would use it in our old backyard by our own pool too.  It is very easy to fill up and carry and of course keeps everything SO cold.  We actually left it out over night one time and everything was still cold in it the next day… GREAT Gift and they had other YETI cooler options too in store.


Something about Christmas time and all the festivities I can go a little overboard with the kids matching clothes.  The cutest thing though is matching pajamas and especially because you’re taking so many pics on Christmas Day its so fun to have the kids dressed alike.  I found this cute pair at The Lolly Garden and I was amazed to see the amazing selection they had to choose from.  It was hard to pick just one set but I think this pair would be super cute to get monogramed.  This would make a great gift for your kids to open Christmas Eve or a fun gift to give nieces and nephews.


Every girl needs a statement piece in there closet and one of my favorite things is a faux suede jacket!  When I tried this one on during my try on session at Suite One I immediately knew I had to have it.  I’m all about a versitile piece that you can wear with a casual outfit during the day or add it to a dressy outfit for the evening.  This would defiantly make a statement of a gift for any gal in your life. <HINT HINT>  May want to send this blog post to your husband if you want it for yourself! 😆


AGAIN Another Staple every girl needs in her closet is a good Poncho!  I think they’re flattering on any body type at any age.  I found this one on sale at Evereve in Utica Square and they actually had lots of cute ones to choose from.  This would be a great gift for your mom or mother in law/ sister friend *yourself* lol I’m all about that kind of gift! 😉 Under $50.


If you’ve been seeing all my photos on instagram then you see in almost every photo I’ve been posting recently I’ve been wearing a pom pom beanie.  I feel like I should be living in a place like Colorado with how much I love wearing a beanie but THIS ONE I found at Evereve is super cool because the faux fur pom pom actually snaps off and on.  This is a trend so thats nice if you’re just wanting to be a little basic one day you can snap it off and then when you’re in an “Extra” kind of mood you just snap it back on.  Makes such a great gift for a trendy girl in your life, comes in multiple colors.


YOU GUYS know how much I LOVE my Barefoot Dreams cardigan.  The thing I love most about it is how cozy it is.. it’s basically like a robe that is acceptable to wear outside of the house. LOL But in order to LOVE it you have to feel it! Which when I found that The Dolphin in Utica Square carried all the Barefoot Dreams things I freaked out.  Once you own one barefoot dreams item you want everything they make.  Seriously would make an amazing gift for anyone in your family.  The Dolphin carried the cardigans, loungewear, the robes and I believe even the blankets.


One of my favorite meals to grab on the go is in Utica Square at Ediblend!  Their juices are my favorite and if you haven’t had the taco salad its a MUST try! It’s vegan but no joke taste just like Taco Meat.. not sure how they do it but I crave the taste.  I also love their kale salad!  I think a gift card would make an amazing gift especially with the New Year around the corner.  One thing Ediblend is known for is their juice cleanses and if you know a friend or family member that won’t stop complaining about wanting to get in shape in the new year (#guilty 🙋🏻‍♀️) this would make the perfect gift to jumpstart them into their fitness journey!


Lastly my favorite Sunglass brand is Rayban and I love them not only for myself but for Patrick too.  I snagged this pair for Patrick’s Christmas present at Hicks Brunson Eyewear in Utica Square that had an amazing selection of Raybans.  *Surprise Babe if you’re reading this* LOL He’s always worn the aviator kind but has commented wanting to try the wayfarer kind so I was so excited when they had the exact pair he’s been wanting.  Another cool thing I have from there is the OYOBOX which is a wooden case that can hold multiple pair of sunglasses so you keep them dust free but can still see all the pairs you own with out having to open multiple cases.  Love having that box and would make an amazing gift for any glasses lover.

Thanks for checking out my favorite things gift guide! Hope you’ve found this helpful for any gift shopping you have left to do.  I can’t believe Christmas is only TEN days away!!!

Happy Holidays!



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